Saturday, November 10, 2012

Music on a Saturday Night

On the American Music Association.. and I like it!
 "Counrty Girl" by the Chocolate Drops.
More videos and music at their website, click above.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trike Fly-In, Oceano 2012

Once under the blue sky in Oceano, California....

Here is a link to a video of this event of Trike and Light Sport Fly-In 2012...( video by Henry )  Check out the You Tube Video!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ren Faire

Ahhhh, yes.... I almost forgot to post about the Renaissance Fair of 2012.  The year was more like 1545.... but who's counting?

Upon arrival, we encountered the ogre.  He was large, probably standing about ten feet tall.
(You can kind of see him if you zoom-in on this photo.-->)
He is the big brownish-colored two legged spot in the middle of this photograph.  The ogre was a gnarly, but somewhat friendly creature.   I kept my distance though, and note now that while I saw him when we first arrived, I failed to see him the rest of the day.  (Me thinks that he may have been a nuisance anyhow. Ogres usually are!)

There were princesses....

wayfarers sporting pet (puppet)  dragons....

knights in shining mail....

One highlight was, perhaps, watching the "Mud Beth" show.  Yes, like
MacBeth, only Mudbeth... or maybe "Mud Bath"? Anyhow, you get the idea.  It is a bit of an improve show done in an arena of.... mud... as the name suggests, performed mostly by a couple of local wenches.  (See below.) I was randomly picked from the audience to play one of the four witches.  My line was, "You shall become a thane!" (to the randomly picked from the audience man playing MacBeth.)
There was a fantastic magician....

His name is Merlin.... aka, Kenny K.  He bedazzled young and old.

There were musicians too.  This man played the.... the.... hmmm.... what is this instrument?  Why, it is a hurdy gurdy!

There was a lot of action!  There was the catapult to watch.... see this you tube video, here.  There were men dueling in the street!

To be sure... be aware... be very awware.  There be hooligans and vagabonds about!  
One must be able to handle a sword properly to defend oneself if need be!
Now, as for gold and silver....
It is both highly prized and quite useful..  The knights even joust in the Tournament of the Golden Apple at the end of the day.

But, alas.  We had to leave before the joust began, but not without a stop by Ye Ol Alehouse to see the characters that wandered in there!
I love visiting the Green Bluff Ren Faire!

Woods Walk