Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Origami Books

My latest project is making these little origami books.  I kinda learned how to make them from a book at the library only I have to say, the instructions were the worse instructions ever!  I basically could only get a general idea of how the book was actually made from the "instructional" book. So, I simply improvised and somewhat invented my own way  of doing what they gave the idea for doing, which I like better anyhow.

Here is my first book.

It has a fabric cover and is the two covers are joined at one corner.  There is a fabric tie that keeps the book closed when the gold string is tied with a bow,

My prototypr

Each color is an operable "page."  

This is the open page.

Since making this one i have have been making more.
 I love it!
They can be used for making special greetings, saving stuff or even stamping.

These little books are sometimes what I think are also called "Star Books" because if you make them with five papers they open and look like a star.  I made my first one with a rainbow assortment of page colors, so there were seven pages.  Now I make them with four.  I like the fact that they have four sides and four pages.
They don't look like stars, but they look like this:

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