Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Blast From The Past

The blast was a singer/songwriter named David Shepherd Grossman.  Frank,  my brother and a music fanatic at heart, arranged attending a concert of David Grossman.  This was a blst from the past because the last time I saw or heard David Grossman in concert was about thrity years ago when he was playing at a little sandwich shop in Phoenix.  We used to listen to him play music, way back when, while my brother in law, John Kalb was playing the same venue, singing his songs with his own guitar.

Those were the days!
It was definitely a blast... and a blast from the past!

 David Grossman is witty with words and a great entertainer.  Personally, he reminds me a little of two more well-known artist, both Micheal Franks and James Taylor, only he can play guitar, I'd venture, as quick tempo as Dennis Agajanian.  He sure can hold the attention of his audience and he sure can play guitar.  He is a very talented singer/somgwriter and I am so glad I got to see him.

Fiddler's Dream

This is Frank, and frankly, he is a lover of music, all kinds of music.
 Whenever I visit Frank, we go out to hear music.  One of his favorite spots is Fiddler's Dream.  I now have a dream.... a fiddler's dream, inside of me, because of Frank.   I hope to host a Fiddler's Dream where I live someday.  I was inspired the first time I went there.  Anyone want to help?

Guess first you have to know what it is like.
Here is Vic Spurlock and Virginia Anders in concert, playing and singing together, and afterwards....
These two were a delight to hear.  I especially loved her rendition of Go Ask Alice.
Then we listened to, what I will describe as... the "inspired genius," of a man named Hannes Kvoran.  This guy, with a single guitar and lots of enthusiasm, did a ballad of American History.  Not that this in itself was noteworthy, it is, but mind you, he endeavored to package it folk music, and express it musically from the perspective of human relations.  (Quite a feat for and economist!) His performance was, no doubt in my mind, a stroke of pure genuis! (Amazing Hannes.)  I loved it.  We LOVED it!  It was not only very intriguing, but I felt like I was observing a masterful work of art, yet to be unveiled to the world as pure genius

What an honor it was to hear all of these people share their talent and their inspirations with us.

Here is Hannes Kvoran ....

Here is part of one of his songs:


Yet, the Dilly Dallies were at it again... This time we went on a safari.  We visited the South Hill parks and the Safari Room at the Davenport complex.

The plants on a safari adventure are really something to see!  This one had spots!
 These are tiny dancers!
 There were beautiful plants and trees of all kinds.  This one was a beautiful pink.

 There were tigers too!
This one was "stuffed,"
 .... and so were we after a nice lunch.
A gaggle of girls giggling as they galavant.
 After lunch, some of us ladies went on an outdoor excursion.

 We took-in the sights at the Japanese Gardens.

How did she know to wear red? 
Then, we tip-toed through some tulips, staying on the sidewalk, of course.
There were a lot of beautiful flowers.  The Lilac Garden was in bloom.

I must admit, it was more of a flower safari for us that day than the traditional animal safari.   And when it comes to flower safaris, you can be certain, there sure are a lot of beautiful flowers to be safaried for.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Morning!

Yes... it is morning.  The time of day when we have been know to meet with our friends.  We say hello, and then it's time to get to work.  First, sometimes, we climb the stairs.... usually twice, to warm up for the day.
Stairway to heaven?
Then we get to play with our toys...

There are lot's of them!  And sometimes we practice flying like superman!
Look!  Here is superman now!
It's all in a day's work- out.

See how strong we all are?

Then we put our toys away and say goodbye.... until next time!

Tea Time

I got to  have tea with some friends and while I sipped tea from this lovely teacup, I also was able to hear and see bits and pieces of Elle's adventures in Uganda!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home for a Toad

While working in the garden, upon whom should I hop?.... 

It was none other than Mr. Toad.

He was a big and burly fella, kinda green, covered with bumps and he didn't much like it when I picked him up, but I did anyhow.  I marveled at him for a while, marveled at myself too for having the nerve to hop after him and catch him like I did.

He was beautiful... in his own froggy sort of way.

Saddened at the thought of him disappearing into the green of that lovely spring day, never to be seen again, I decided to make a house for Mr. Toad.

Using an old pot I moistened the dirt and put some into it.  I laid it on its side beside a lovely growing plant and then I put some dirt on top to help keep moisture in.  I planted a viola bush for decoration, a lamp post (solar powered night light) to attract night flying creatures to his neighborhood if he should be in search of food, and I even put up a little privacy fence to help Mr. Toad decide to stay.  Note, toads can climb quite well and they can also squish themselves through small openings.  Note too that there is a gate for his departure should he choose to leave and be on his merry way, which, I must mention, after spending several hours in the toad house.... he decided to do.

I think there was some special meeting he had to get to... down at the pond.

I am a little sad, but now I have a little toad house in my garden. 

It's a nice little Toad Inn for unexpected visitors that hop my way.  I always like to have a safe place... away from mowers, cats and dogs to put toad in.  Usually I just hide them under a bush.  Now, I have a lovely little toad house, awaiting the next toady visitor who decides to hop my way. 

Man... It So Pretty!

As Bethany taught us, we like to say, (in Tweety Bird fashion) "Man... it-to purtee" when we go to  Manito Park!  It sure is Beautiful!

Manito in Spring