Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fiddler's Dream

This is Frank, and frankly, he is a lover of music, all kinds of music.
 Whenever I visit Frank, we go out to hear music.  One of his favorite spots is Fiddler's Dream.  I now have a dream.... a fiddler's dream, inside of me, because of Frank.   I hope to host a Fiddler's Dream where I live someday.  I was inspired the first time I went there.  Anyone want to help?

Guess first you have to know what it is like.
Here is Vic Spurlock and Virginia Anders in concert, playing and singing together, and afterwards....
These two were a delight to hear.  I especially loved her rendition of Go Ask Alice.
Then we listened to, what I will describe as... the "inspired genius," of a man named Hannes Kvoran.  This guy, with a single guitar and lots of enthusiasm, did a ballad of American History.  Not that this in itself was noteworthy, it is, but mind you, he endeavored to package it folk music, and express it musically from the perspective of human relations.  (Quite a feat for and economist!) His performance was, no doubt in my mind, a stroke of pure genuis! (Amazing Hannes.)  I loved it.  We LOVED it!  It was not only very intriguing, but I felt like I was observing a masterful work of art, yet to be unveiled to the world as pure genius

What an honor it was to hear all of these people share their talent and their inspirations with us.

Here is Hannes Kvoran ....

Here is part of one of his songs:

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