Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home for a Toad

While working in the garden, upon whom should I hop?.... 

It was none other than Mr. Toad.

He was a big and burly fella, kinda green, covered with bumps and he didn't much like it when I picked him up, but I did anyhow.  I marveled at him for a while, marveled at myself too for having the nerve to hop after him and catch him like I did.

He was beautiful... in his own froggy sort of way.

Saddened at the thought of him disappearing into the green of that lovely spring day, never to be seen again, I decided to make a house for Mr. Toad.

Using an old pot I moistened the dirt and put some into it.  I laid it on its side beside a lovely growing plant and then I put some dirt on top to help keep moisture in.  I planted a viola bush for decoration, a lamp post (solar powered night light) to attract night flying creatures to his neighborhood if he should be in search of food, and I even put up a little privacy fence to help Mr. Toad decide to stay.  Note, toads can climb quite well and they can also squish themselves through small openings.  Note too that there is a gate for his departure should he choose to leave and be on his merry way, which, I must mention, after spending several hours in the toad house.... he decided to do.

I think there was some special meeting he had to get to... down at the pond.

I am a little sad, but now I have a little toad house in my garden. 

It's a nice little Toad Inn for unexpected visitors that hop my way.  I always like to have a safe place... away from mowers, cats and dogs to put toad in.  Usually I just hide them under a bush.  Now, I have a lovely little toad house, awaiting the next toady visitor who decides to hop my way. 

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  1. R2 has been collecting worms. And R1 wants to build himself an ant farm. I bet they will love your toad abode. :)