Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yet, the Dilly Dallies were at it again... This time we went on a safari.  We visited the South Hill parks and the Safari Room at the Davenport complex.

The plants on a safari adventure are really something to see!  This one had spots!
 These are tiny dancers!
 There were beautiful plants and trees of all kinds.  This one was a beautiful pink.

 There were tigers too!
This one was "stuffed,"
 .... and so were we after a nice lunch.
A gaggle of girls giggling as they galavant.
 After lunch, some of us ladies went on an outdoor excursion.

 We took-in the sights at the Japanese Gardens.

How did she know to wear red? 
Then, we tip-toed through some tulips, staying on the sidewalk, of course.
There were a lot of beautiful flowers.  The Lilac Garden was in bloom.

I must admit, it was more of a flower safari for us that day than the traditional animal safari.   And when it comes to flower safaris, you can be certain, there sure are a lot of beautiful flowers to be safaried for.

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