Friday, June 29, 2012

Adventures With Bill

You won't believe who I ran into the other day!  It was Mr. Bill!  I hadn't seen him in a while!

He still is pretty much the same... yellow hair, blue eyes.... Cheerio shaped mouth.  He is still having difficulties though and still seems a bit stressed about life.

Look!  Here is Mr. Bill now....

"Oh No Mr. Bill!  Be careful not to fall into that bu-...."

 It was almost too late, but just in the nick of time,
   I rescued him from the big red bucket experience.  That was a close call.  When I first saw him, he tip-toed past the TY wild alligators that was loose in the store.

Or rather, he tried to.

But I was able to thwart that incident.   Little did he know, there were tigers and lians and bears just around the corner.
(Oh No! Mr. Bill!)

They tried eating his face off, but being that Mr. Bill is made of very resilient clay, it was only a temporary horror.  Mr. Bill was fine, ready to long board in no time at all!

 But... "Oh No!"
Mr. Bill took a tumble on the new carpet.  Ick.

 Well, we decided to take Mr. Bill out to dinner.  He really liked the South Hill.
 Lots of people were surprised to see him.  I mean, even if you never met Mr. Bill before, you just kinda relate to him.  People wanted to see the little clay guy.  I think it is his big blue eyes.

Too bad he wanted to show off... do "walk the tight rope" kinda tricks.

" Oh No!"

Bummer.  But it is quite a balancing act Mr. Bill.  Never fear.  Nice Mr. Hand will rescue you.

After that adventure, Mr. Bill was thirsty.
 "Mr. Bill, I think that glass is too big for you...."

"Mr. Bill?"

"Mr. Bill, wait, I don't think you should attempt anything like that...."

"Mr. Bill?"
"Oh no,  Mr. Bill!"

Mr. Nice Hand to the rescue again.
Oh No Mr. Bill... we can;t let you pay the Bill.  You really want to pay the Bill?
It is so nice of you to offer.

OK.  If you must.


"Mr. Bill?!!  Mr. Bill?!!  Are you alright?!?!?!"

I think he will be okay.  I believe he has a Mastercard.  He did the commercial....
See here...

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