Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taking Wing

It's a beautiful location and a pretty outback sort-a runway....
but off they went.... 
up... up... up...into the sky.  And down again.

"They" are the trikers.... myself of course included, in a back seat sort of way.

It is up there in the blue.... somewhere.  Can you spot it?

Can you spot them?
Flying in formation.

 I flew twice, and even rode about in a golf cart a bit.... with friends.
 We had a few land adventures....
 I visited a pretty lake, relaxed on a little river....
...visited a 3,000 year old tree.   (That thar is one big, old tree!)

We ladies crocheted fun things in the shade occasionally,  this while the guys sported about a bit in the clouds.

There was also a PPC... (that means "powered parachute.")  Only one showed up to play.  I didn't get a photo of his flight, but here he is in the news story about his powered parachute:

What a Fly-In!
California, Montana, Washington and Idaho...
Tom, George, Henry, David O., Kim, David, Nate, Jeff, Dan and Grant.
It was a lot of blue sky and fair weather for these flying friends.

Until we meet again!