Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saturday's Garland Adventure

It was an ordinary day... Well, it was a Saturday.
It seemed a rather ordinary day, for a Saturday.

I grabbed my purse and umbrella and off to the bus stop I went hoping for a Saturday adventure
 of the extraordinary kind.

I paid my bus fare
and took a seat, 
then the city bus carried me south on Division Street.

Bumping and bustling the bus rode along
till finally we were at Garland,
then I had to get off.

For, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But a yellow brick road...
and Garland Street Fair!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

There was a lot to see...
and a lot to do.
Have a look at my pics and you'll enjoy it too!

Ruby Slipper...Tinman Too.  The Art School

Here is an artist at work.

Hoola Hoop Girl Busker
It was a rainbow of fun,
For young and for old....
It was the Wizard of Oz story...
                                         told and retold.
Cowardly Lion... Scarecrow.... Tinman Bean Bag Toss Game.

There were face-painting princesses,

 and various games one could play...

Here a ticket, there a ticket.... what a fun day!
Prizes won from playing games.

There were fashion shows everywhere.
old fashions and new...
Fashions for people... and Toto's too!

Costumed creatures, musicians....

and eateries for all different tastes.
Sausage, popcorn, pop and pizza,
(the kinds of things that go straight to your (my) waist!)

The planners of this event left no rock unturned...
there were freebies galore,
sports bottles, first aid kits, bibles and more!.

 When the day was over I went my way,
Thinking to myself,
"This was a great day."

Back at the bus stop,
 I tried clicking my heels,
and lickety split... wouldn't you know it!
Along came a bus with four wheels!

"Somewhere over the rainbow,
bluebirds fly,
birds fly over the rainbow,
                   why oh why......"

Hey, that reminds me of a chicken joke...

Why did the chicken cross the Yellow Brick Road?

"Because, because, because, because, because....." 


Saturday, August 4, 2012


Lake Beach in CdA
Ahhhh, the beach,




and waves,...
Well, sort of,  it was more like little ripples lapping the shore than "waves."

And there were seagulls.
But basically, It was just us women, relaxing...
                                                             you know, basking in the sun,
                                                        lounging in the shade...
                                                                    swimming in the water...
                                                                                 bathing in the breeze...
                                                                                        and floating on the sled....
                                                                                             (Really!  It was a sled!)
MJ sled-floating on the Lake

We ate those delicious fruit cups extraordinaire with a spoon.

 (We also ate raspberries with chopsticks! )