Sunday, September 16, 2012

Manito Pretty.... Flowers 2012

These beauties were in the park...

Fantastic Flowers

Such exquisiteness petals...
Perfect features and form,
Bursting forth with colors...
Pink, yellow and orange.

Delightful dahlias,
Dainty and sweet,
Never a dull dahlia
Ever did I meet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arlington Fly-In 2012

I thought I already posted a couple of things... but I guess not. One of those things I didn't post that I thought I did, was a trip to Arlington this summer.  Here is some Arlington 2012 photos.

By the way.... some people fly into "Fly Ins."  We drove.

Others flew in, like this delta formation.

there was a lot of planes to see.... and I didn't take photos of all of them, just ones I thought had distinctive personality....

This one looked interesting, for sure.

And there were trikes,

and Bi Planes,

with which we took to the sky... in the rain.  Go figure!?!

I did get some great lightning video that day.

We saw some great acro flyers.

The pilots there put on quite a show.  We met nice people... I met new friends...
and we had pretty good weather and a great time.

Wish you were there!