Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Autumn Walk in the Park

Talking Flowers

Obtaining The Highest Possible Standard Health by Betty M.

A friend of mine has been in the pursuit of learning about health and how to be healthy.  she shared this with me the other day...and as I believe her advice is thoughtful, I will post it here.

Betty says,
Cultivate poise and cheer.
Exercise daily.
Secure plenty of rest and sleep each day.
Keep clean.
Breathe fresh pure air.
Secure as much sunshine as possible.
Eat moderately of some whole food.
Be moderate in wearing clothes.
Have an interest in life.
Get married.
Avoid all poison habits.
Avoid sexual excesses.
Avoid all excesses.
Do not become one-sided
              in your manner of living.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Naming of the Cat

Yes, I have named the cat......s....s.....s....s.....s....s....s....s
All of them!

The name (for all of them,) is Geddy.  (After Geddy Lee the bass player for the band called RUSH.)

Now, instead of calling, "kitty, kitty, kitty, kittly," (Like I normally do.) I call them saying,
"Geddy, Geddy, Geddy, Geddy."

I love it!

Friday, November 15, 2013


It's been a whirl of a summer. Besides great family times,

other memories of the summertime include:
The Beach,

Nail painting parties,


Bob and Geo, (you had to be there to witness that!)

 The passing of a dear friend....
and the absence of another....

Watercolor with MaryJo,

rocking out with the lulu's,
..Elk River 2 (and beyond,)

Big trucks moving dirt,


 Fishing trips,
 Ethnic gatherings,

 spur of the moment Montana treks,

parties in the parks...
JoAnne on her  birthday at Manito.

apples,                                                                                                .              

 kids..                                                                                                           .

and cats....

(lots  of them!}

Now, it's long into November.  the colors of autmn are turning into browns... fall is settling in.  

Soon there will be snow that sticks around.

Looking around at the brown, I have nearly forgotten what summer was like exactly... and I find myself wondering what the winter will bring.

Seasons bring a time of adjustment, don't they?