Friday, November 15, 2013


It's been a whirl of a summer. Besides great family times,

other memories of the summertime include:
The Beach,

Nail painting parties,


Bob and Geo, (you had to be there to witness that!)

 The passing of a dear friend....
and the absence of another....

Watercolor with MaryJo,

rocking out with the lulu's,
..Elk River 2 (and beyond,)

Big trucks moving dirt,


 Fishing trips,
 Ethnic gatherings,

 spur of the moment Montana treks,

parties in the parks...
JoAnne on her  birthday at Manito.

apples,                                                                                                .              

 kids..                                                                                                           .

and cats....

(lots  of them!}

Now, it's long into November.  the colors of autmn are turning into browns... fall is settling in.  

Soon there will be snow that sticks around.

Looking around at the brown, I have nearly forgotten what summer was like exactly... and I find myself wondering what the winter will bring.

Seasons bring a time of adjustment, don't they?

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