Friday, May 7, 2010

The Traveling Tingles.

This is Jill....

See Jill.  See Jill make a plan.

See Jill scheming something creative and fun to do?

See Jill come and visit and do something creative and fun!

We are making journals that are not just journals.  These are unique and special tote along things to take on travels that you use to collect your fanciful ideas, dreams and inspirations.  They contain everything and anything you would ever want to remember, write on or write about... mementos of where you have been, where you are going, and what you have loved or been entertained by....
Things to believe in..... things to make you smile.  Things that give you... well, traveling tingles.... and if you do not know what that is, just talk to Jill.

This is the unfinished book I am making:

Here it is inside out....
You can think of this project kinda like scrapbooking, but you actually have to think beyond that...a little out of the scrapbooking box.  It is more than a journal too, because most of the pages are older than you are, this because it is made from recycled books.  The older the better, the more used, loved, tattered by time and traveling the better too.   And think of it in reverse, for example, you don;t pick it up just to reminisce days gone by, to see where you have been, like you might with a scrapbook, and it's not just blank pages in a journal, and it is not even mass produced, but it is unique.  You use this book to record about today, yesterday and tomorrow too.
Inside the binding of this old discarded book, are pages upon pages of things to make one think and dream about, all kinds of pages to write on and remember.  I put envelopes on the back cover which also has a place for a photograph or to put postcards.  Jill sewed all kinds of fun things on paper to make special pages too and we recycled lots of books... even old hymnals and community song books.
Jill knows how to turn an ordinary old discarded book into a memory or tw, but then, if there is anyone I know who knows how to turn an ordinary day into a special four-season kind of one, it is Jill. 

Jill?  She is the kind of person who knows there is really nothing so ordinary about seemingly simple and "ordinary" things!

What a special, Four Season, and very busy day, this was!


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  2. May I request a step by step tutorial on your next project, please?