Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cat Club Gazette

I bet you didn't know that there is a whole underworld of cats who, unbeknown to us supposedly-wise human beings, not only tolerate living with us on this planet, integrate with out lives, but also write about it.  It's amazing to think they have a world all their own. Their world is Meowville... and now that I know about this I have to say I think cats are about the smartest creatures in the whole world!

I love hearing the adventures of my cat friends as they write about events from their feline perspectives.  I read all about it in a special periodical called, The Cat Club Gazette.  This is only because I, (yes... lil ol' moi,) am fortunate enough to have made acquaintance with the publisher and since since I have taken an interest, she has graciously invited me to read her publication , of which I have become undoubtedly become an avid fan.

This underworld of cats is quite amazing.  Yuu see, cats are much more loyal to us humans and to one another than we think.  We think them to be aloof... lazy.. wild... and mysterious... of which they are; they are truely mysterious creatures! But more than any of these they are really they are just busy.  I mean,  some of these cats are doing detective work... solving mysteries and crimes, investigating things like mole appearances, running away from danger... like dogs, and writing news for cats all over the Meaowville world.  I can assure you, after reading the gazette, cats are not always what we humans think.... and they are very busy, delightful, wonderful, precious, and agile creatures indeed.

Take for example Chef Ted... when he is not catching mice, he is always working on a recipe or two, and Pastsy Martin... (she is the publisher, editor and head writer of it all,) when she is not raising kittens she is working on the paper... establishing contacts, writing articles too to keep cats (and cat lovers) everywhere informed on important cat events.  Cutie Pie, Daisy, Scotty, Martin...Ted and Patsy... and all their friends,  have a petty cool cat club... and a pretty cool Cat Club Gazette!

Without their fine efforts, how else, really, would cats, or anyone for the matter, know about local dangers, like fleas you can get by contact with dogs.... or if a bear had been invading the human neighborhoods, taking residence up the the trees?  How would they be well educated and know all there is to know about various kinds of hummingbirds that there are, not to mention the delicacies they offer the more epicureous feline?
Yes.  Without the Gazette, and cats like Chef Ted, they might never know how to make a snicker-doodle in their life! 

I can assure you, these cats have some of the grandest adventures, insight and opportunities to travel around town and the world, and I am quite happy to have had the grand opportunity to read them, to take a peek into their mysterious miraculous world,  all in a fun and fantastical little magazine, called the Cat Club Gazette!

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