Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cd'A... Art on the Green

Art the the Green is an annual Event in Couer de Alene, Idaho.  We have been there several times over the years and we were able to go again this last weekend.  It is a blast!  With over 135 artists there is an incredible amount of talent to  be inspired by,  a lot of people to have fun with and talk to and when you are with friends, or if see people you know here at the park on a beautiful day like the day we were there, life simply could not be much better. We were fortunate to have done both!

We began our day on the grounds of NIC, North Idaho College.

The man in the orange shirt is doing this event in  style.  He is wearing a cap with a solar collector on top that turn a fan hooked to the front of his cap.  He collects the sun's rays and this turns the fan which blows on his face and keeps him cool.

There were bands playing, people dancing, to the tunes of a Handful of Luvin' (<-- click here, listen to their tunes and you will want to dance too!)
There were kids having a blast balancing on balls.
People juggleing and hoolahooping with hoola hoops..

..and there was lots and lots of art..

The Colorburst guy let me take his photograph.

and crafts, like Colorburst Creations and these groovy "heavy" metal rockin' flowers from Sandpoint Idaho.  I just called them that because they are set in the rock and made of metal, they are not musical at all, just very pretty!

The four of us boarded a bus... and had even more adventures on the other side of the evernt.. even a yard sale where we bought a wet suit.

I was given this hand made marshmallow to taste.  Would you believe it tasted like a marshmallow?

The next thing I knew, I was shrinking....
just kidding.....   though I did feel a little bit like Alice.... in a wonderland of beautiful arts and crafty things.

Here is the Art on the pavement part, not really called that, of course... nor is it called "art on the brown"... though parts of it could have been called ust that, if you ask me....
but here we are on the streets in Couer de' Alene::

There were many interesting vendors...
like Uncle Stinky's Magic Shoppe... andSome potions by a Doctor.. (um,,, what's his name?)

This lady was very nice, even let me take a photo of her with her beautiful hand carved sweeties in bikinis, (ad other fine attire.)

Some of the artwork made people feel like they were in a foreign land... like Italy.

but then the beauty of the lake and sky could simply carry you away as well....

if you let it.

We did.


  1. wish i had known this is going on, we used to go to that when it was down by the museum in Browne's Addition...or something similar to that..when my kids were little...I remember them dancing to some of the bands when Karis was a baby and would still dance...she wouldnt be caught dead doing it today..:-)