Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Fork Game

Believe it or not, this is a game we like to play.. called the Fork Game.  We take turns making various configurations with two forks on the table that represent a number.  It's an amazing game, one that usually stumps people who do not know how to play.  Sooner or later people tend to learn how to play, just by watching and before you know it everyone is playing...

Take these two forks for example....

  Maybe you need to look closer...

Not sure?  Well, Geo, got it right.
This is a four!

How about this one?  Notice they are in a different position....

                                   Again, here is a close up view:

Do you know what number it is?

It's a One!

How did you know that?  Did you just guess?

Here are a couple more.
See if you can tell what number is being represented by the forks.

 Need  a close-up?

How about that?    It is a six.

Maybe you are catching on?

Try this... it's
an easy one:
Did you guess "TWO?"  If so, you are right!

How about this one?
Could it be more obvious???

Okay...And now,just one more...

And this number..... is.....

Did you guess eight?

It's eight alright!

How do you know?


  1. Augh!!! I remember it! Stink!!! That is so irritating! :) Whew...glad I figured it out - it was really bugging me!!!! :D

  2. You guys are awesomely good sports! (You know who you are!)