Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Peek at the Spring Garden

The grape leaves are sprouting.

The Ever-bearing strawberries are bearing.

The emu is relaxing.

The Sunflower Castle has been planted with sunflowers, pumpkins, peas, green beans and petunias.... as well as strawberries and some corn.   As you can see, the  drawbridge is down over the moat.

Cross the drawbridge and see what it is like inside.

You can relax on the green and look up into the sunny blue, which, when the sunflowers grow tall is rather beautiful.  It will be a while until the walls of the sunflower castle grow tall.

The flower bed is awake...

And here we have peppers and radishes growing in unison.

and a little ballerina takes a bow....

Until next time.

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